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Ordering weight loss medications online and seeing results?

young woman taking weight loss medication

It seems everywhere you look there is an advertisement for weight loss whether it be diet, exercise or medications. Some work, some don’t, some are cheap, and some more costly. How do you know what works and what doesn’t? For diets and exercise, I think it’s fair to say that if it sounds too good to be true it more than likely is. If the diet makes you spend hundreds of dollars in snacks or drinks then it more than likely is not sustainable. What I didn’t know is that all weight loss medications are not the same. 

I prescribe a compounded semaglutide and follow the recommendations of the FDA approved medication and monitor my patients closely in order to mitigate side effects and help them be as successful as possible. I not only prescribe and administer but I am available to support them through treatment and educate them onwhat to expect. With the rise in popularity of these medications, I have felt very disheartened at some of the pricing I see for online programs. I have wondered how they can afford to sell the medication at this price since it doesn’t even cover the cost of the medication. 

I do still work urgent care and I am seeing an increase in people coming for evaluation of side effects caused by these particular medications. It has always been part of our assessment to discuss medical history and medication history but people often forget to mention these meds. They often aren’t getting them from their doctor and are often getting them without insurance. This causes us to forget we are even taking a medication. Also, weight loss and obesity are a tough subject for most. Very recently I was seeing a young, healthy obese patient who did divulge semaglutide injections after in depth conversation regarding her intermittent nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Upon further questioning, it was apparent this weight loss journey she was on was solo. She was not getting any direction on how the medication works, what to expect in terms of side effects and quite frankly it appears all she was getting from this prescriber was medication. Here she was, paying cash as she was uninsured to go to an urgent care to find out she’s having side effects of a medication that her prescriber had not educated her on nor had this prescriber given her any support with her weight loss journey. During this history, this particular patient and I discussed dosing of this medication. It was startling to hear that this patient was being severely underdosed. She was taking enough medication to have side effects but not enough to have any weight loss or results. She had no support on how dosing works, what she should and should not eat, and what to expect when taking the medication. Here she was… alone, unwell, and wasting more money on another unsuccessful weight loss journey. 

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I finally found the answer to my questions! How are they affording to prescribe these medication at the prices? Easily, the prescribers are putting little time and effort into these patients so they can prescribe to many patients in one day. They are also prescribing subtherapeutic doses that will yield little to no results to keep costs down. I guess the old saying you get what you pay for is true! Sadly, in the end the patient ends up with higher costs for little to no results. 

Losing weight is hard! I am here to try and ease some of the stress as well as hold your hand through this process. Whether that means seeing you weekly in office to mitigate side effects and provide the education you need for succcess or calling in a prescription to help ease these side effects. I want all my patients to have success and feel their best and that means that I am here for you even when we’re outside business hours or clinic. I have been prescribing this class of medications for 12 years and have helped many people control their diabetes as well as reach their weight loss goals. This is attainable with a presentand skilled prescriber that will support you through this process. Let’s get you ready to Wear Your Best Skin!

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